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 +====== Principles of Language (Crane 1843) ======
 +**Author:** [[authors:​crane_george|Crane,​ George]]\\
 +**Title:** The Principles of Language; Exemplified in a Practical English Grammar. With Copious Exercises. Designed as an Introduction to the Study of Languages Generally, for the Use of Schools, and Self Instruction..\\
 +**Grammar ID:** [[grammars_xml:​grammar9|9]]
 +{{ :​grammars:​9_titlepage.jpg?​nolink&​200|Title Page}}
 +===== Tags =====
 +grammar, textbook, language and thought, syntax, etymology, solecisms, intermediate,​ advanced
 +===== Metadata =====
 +Year of Publication:​ 1843\\
 +Year of Edition: 1843\\
 +Number of Edition: 1\\
 +Number of Pages: 276\\
 +Number of Words: 82,131\\
 +Language: English\\
 +Variety: British English\\
 +Type: Teaching Grammar\\
 +Form: Textbook\\
 +Target Institution:​ School, Self Study\\
 +Target Audience/s: Intermediate to Advanced\\
 +===== Cross References =====
 +===== File =====
 +===== Progress =====
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 +<​progind|0Markup II|0Final Revision|0Finalisation>​
 +{{tag>​grammar textbook language_and_thought syntax etymology solecisms intermediate advanced}}